Astral Cycling Staff

At Astral, we’re in it for the love of the ride. To push things further. To go there together.

Located in Eugene, Oregon - one of the finest riding centers on earth with world class singletrack (Oakridge, anyone?), endless car-free winding roads, and epic gravel routes most only dream of.

Astral Cycling is Rolf Prima's younger, more fun sibling looking to get out further and our team is comprised of people with that exact mindset while also remaining as tech-focused, premium quality that our fans at Rolf Prima have grown accustom to. From the handmade wheel building to the coffee sipping keyboard jockeys, our team lives for the thrill of the ride and we like to think that shows in our wheels too.

Interested in joining the Astral on team? While are not currently hiring we are always on the look out for new talent, so make sure you Follow Us On Instagram and Like Our Facebook Page to stay up to date on future openings! 

Meet our team!