Astral Cycling Staff: Lilli Parsons

Name: Lili Parsons
Position: Wheel Builder

What are you currently pedaling? Give us the full kit!

I ride a soma double cross disc with friction shifters. It is a 2x11 drivetrain with mixed newer components and vintage components. Along with surly moloko bars and Shimano Deore hubs laced to Astral Leviathan rims with sapim laser spokes.

What got you into cycling?

I got into cycling mainly as a mode of transportation to and from school and friends houses when I was 14. Eventually I got a fixed gear in high school and started riding for fun too.

How did you come to Astral Cycling?

I was looking to move from California after realizing college wasn't my thing. I knew of Astral Cycling from working with their wheels at my previous job as a bike mechanic, and also knew they were based in a place I’d be interested in living. I checked their website and saw they were hiring, so I sent an email to the email listed on the website, and got the job here!

What is the one tool you couldn't do your job without?

Probably the TCS and ray spoke grippers. I definitely spent a lot of time in the past with a tube wrapped around spokes with a pair of pliers trying to keep them straight and these tools just make that so much easier.

What do you like to do on your days off?

During the warmer months I’m typically going to outdoor raves a few times a month, while during the colder months I’m making music and going to smaller indoors electronic music shows. I also really enjoy riding my bike out by farmland and in South Eugene or West Portland.

Ok and let's hear some favorites…

Food: Baked Bacon Mac N Cheese
Music: Gabber or Techno
Bike: Dinglespeed (double single speed)
Wheels: Anything that holds tires over 37c

What’s an accomplishment you’re most proud of?

Helping start a rave group with my friends here in Eugene.

If you could take a bike adventure anywhere in the world where would it be?

Nome, Alaska sounds great. I’ve heard it’s cool.