Congratulations and thank you for choosing to build your new set of wheels using Astral™ rims. On this page, you will find a collection of tech specifications and helpful references that will help you in your next step: building your wheels.

Astral Cycling Owner's Manual

Rim Spec & Comparison Chart

Carbon - Rim Brake Guide


Astral Rims Model Specs
Use the charts below to reference important wheel building information such as Effective Rim Diameter (ERD) and Maximum Spoke Tension. You can also use this chart to easily compare different models' weight and overall dimensions. 


*Important note regarding ERD or Effective Rim Diameter vs. Spoke Bed Diameter*

ERD is the distance, in millimeters, between the end of one spoke in a finished wheel, to the end of the other spoke that is diametrically opposite. Since ERD is often determined in relation to where a spoke’s threaded end meets the end of the nipple, your choice of nipple can affect this measurement. Refer to the example illustrations below to see how we measure our ERDs listed in the table above. In this illustration, you'll notice two measurements: one measured from the inside of each spoke bed (the smaller of the two measurements) called Spoke Bed Diameter and another measured from the end of the nipple which is Effective Rim Diameter. See our chart for which nipple we used to calculate ERD. You may need to adjust if you opt to use a different style nipple.



Angle Drilling / Nipple Angle
Astral rims' spoke holes for external nipples are drilled at +/- 5 degrees, so it is important to get your spoke orientation right. Please refer to the image below for spoke orientation. Spoke holes follow an orientation of Down-Up when viewed clockwise from the valve hole.

Wanderlust rims
The alloy Wanderlust rims are designed with an asymmetric spoke bed to balance left and right spoke tensions on disc hubs. Make sure when lacing the rim of which side is the drive side.


Additional Wheel Building Resources

Spoke length calculators

Wheel building books

  • The Bicycle Wheel by Jobst Brandt
  • The Art of Wheel building by Gerd Schraner
  • Professional Guide to Wheel Building by Roger Musson