Delta Rim Technology
Astral road rims utilize Rolf Prima’s Delta Rim Technology to optimize the rim shape and improve airflow and stability.  In skydiving, the Delta track is the fastest position for gaining forward airspeed. Delta Rim Technology takes that cue using increased width and sidewall shaping of the rims. Delta Rim Technology is more than just a faster profile, the additional tire support improves cornering. The sidewall to nose shape minimizes wind buffeting so you can go fast and handle well in all riding conditions.


Heralded as the wave of the future for the last 10+ years, tubeless is really the wave of the present. If you have not tried tubeless, you should give it a run. At Astral, we’re all about tubeless compatibility. That's why all of our rim profiles have been optimized to be tubeless easy by including a deep center channel or "drop channel" to aid in tire mounting and tubeless tire performance and bead seat diameters dialed in for ease of inflation and secure mounting.

No one likes flats on the trail or the road, that's why we're committed to keeping your wheels rolling smoothly by bringing you the latest tubeless technology. You can even install your tubeless tires with a hand pump – we know. We’ve done it. So, when you are on the road, you don’t have to sweat tire drama. All you do is tape your rims and add sealant. We can do that for you as well.

Proprietary Manufacturing Tooling
Creating precise, high-quality machines and tooling for in-house rim manufacturing and wheel building has been a process of trial and error. Our engineering team is constantly developing new tools and methods to maximize the quality of the rims we produce. Sometimes this means stripping down a machine to locate a flaw, other times it means making our own. These are the things you do when the finished quality really matters to you. Check out our rim production videos to see what goes into making an alloy rim. Better yet, stop by for a tour.