About Astral

 Let’s keep it simple. We like it that way.

We’re a group of down-to-earth, hard-working cyclists out to make the best wheels and components we possibly can. We choose Oregon as our home for love of the land and careers in the bike industry for love of the ride.

For nearly 25 years we honed our craft building and refining our “sibling” brand, Rolf Prima. This included launching in-house alloy rim production so we could have complete control of our designs and quality. We took that lineage, our proven results and production know-how, branched off and launched Astral. The goal was simple – use what we knew to bring bomber, fast, fun and fresh wheels and components to more disciplines and more people.

Since 2017, we’ve done just that, steadily growing into one of the most respected and trusted brands in the industry. We’ve collaborated with some of the most revered and coveted builders, artists and developers to continually bring fresh products and projects to the rides and riders we love. Now, having formally merged with our long-time favorite collaborators and partners-in-crime White Industries, our passion is lit and creative fire stoked. Big things and fresh trails are coming.