Astral Cycling Staff: Ben Caraglior

Name: Ben Caraglior
Position: Wheel Builder

What are you currently pedaling? Give us the full kit!

 Unfortunately my nice MTB was recently stolen from my home so I am currently sporting a sweet Craigslist special Schwinn commuter bike for the time being.

What got you into cycling?

 I have been riding consistently since my training wheels came off at two years old. I was interested in exploring and mainly doing mountain bike style adventures.

How did you come to Astral Cycling?

 I was a truck driver for almost a decade and I needed a change. I found an open position here and it sounded like the perfect fit. I am glad I did because I am way happier here than I ever was behind the wheel of a truck. Now I just ride bikes and don't even own a car anymore!


 What is the one tool you couldn't do your job without?

 Tensiometer! With how tight our parameters are for wheel building specs I don't see any other way to get the wheels as dialed in without one.

What do you like to do on your days off?

 I spend my days off either gardening, hiking, rock climbing, biking, or playing games on the computer. I dabble in music and trying my hand at any instrument I can get my hands on.

Ok and let's hear some favorites…

Music: Not Picky
Bike: TBD, still piecing together my dream build

What’s an accomplishment you’re most proud of?

 Learning to ride a unicycle

If you could take a bike adventure anywhere in the world where would it be?

 New Zealand!