Astral Cycling Staff: Mat Baumann

Name: Matt Baumann
Position: Domestic Sales & Support

What are you currently pedaling? Give us the full kit!

Mountain: Bronto Titanium Singlespeed, White Industries Cranks, Project 321 single speed hubset laced to Outback rims, Dean Ti Bars, Race Face Turbine stem & post, Fizik Tundra saddle, WTB Trail Boss tires 2.4”

Commuter: 92 Paramount Series 7 converted to fixed, S600 cranks, brakes & post, Pake wheelset and old tires, Soma Sparrow bars

What got you into cycling?

I had a high school friend who picked it up and ultimately put some effort into it after college was over and couldn’t really play water polo any longer.

What is the one tool you couldn't do your job without?

A telephone.  It is almost always easier to talk through an order or issue than struggle through thread of emails.

What do you like to do on your days off?

Hang with my wife and twin daughters.  Outside of domestic stuff I try to enjoy mountain bike rides or fly fishing on mountain streams with my buddies. In recent years I’ve been trying to work some backpacking into the mix with a goal of getting into all of Oregon’s Wilderness areas.

What is your hidden talent?

I haven’t found it yet, it’s very well hidden.

Ok and let's hear some favorites…

Food: Chocolate Chip Cookies are and will likely always be at the top of the list.
Music: Less Than Jake, Cursive, Blink 182, Old 97’s
Bike: Other than the bikes I have, I always wanted a bike built by Chris Bishop, Rick Hunter, and Tonic Fabrication
Wheels: When I eventually get a gravel bike I want some Outback Carbons laced to CLD hubs.

What is the best thing after a long ride?

I would say it depends on weather.  If it’s warm I’ll go straight for a beer, not too picky about styles.  If it is more like Winter conditions then it is hard to beat coffee.

If you could take a bike adventure anywhere in the world where would it be?

At somepoint it would be amazing to bikepack down in Patagonia for the epic scenery and fly fishing.