Project 321 hubset

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Project 321 Mountain Bike Hubset

Our hub fellow Oregon-based hub partner Project 321 set the bar with weight-competitive high-engagement hubs ready for any mountain bike application. Maximize your ride by choosing this bomber hub upgrade in any Astral MTB build. 

    • 282.3g
    • 2.5° (144 POE) engagement, with 6x3 pawl design.
    • XD, XDR or Shimano compatible.
    • Alloy freehub body.
    • Fine pitch bearing preload adjustment.
    • Angled flanges drastically reduce spoke contact, reducing lateral flange loading and create a stiffer and longer lasting wheel build.
    • 10 year warranty on hub shell and axle, 3 years on pawls, drive ring, and driver body.
    • 6 bolt rotors required


Patent pending drive mechanism. All Project321 rear hubs are now equipped with our new magnetically actuated, 6 pawl, ratchet drive system. This new system gives you a combination of options and features like no other drive system on the market. Click here to read more about this innovative drive system!

Thoughtfully angled flanges. This is a big one folks. Project 321 is the only manufacturer on the market to create a little to no-touch environment that allows the spokes to touch the hub only at the bend and nowhere else. This creates a more stable and true wheel and eliminates any unnecessary stress on the spokes. They have achieved this by matching the angle of the flanges to the average bracing angle of the spokes and remove any interference.  On many of their competitors’ hubs the flanges are vertical or near vertical causing the outside spokes to make heavy contact with the flange creating a stress riser and reducing the strength and stiffness of the wheel. You can read more about this here.

Formed rotor bolt threads. Rotor bolt holes are formed which creates a much stronger thread than the more common method of cut tapping.

Easy to maintain.  There are no special tools required to perform any maintenance, just a basic set of bicycle tools will do.

Machined logo. Hubs also feature a unique CNC machined logo versus a lasered or stickered logo.

Industry leading warranty. 10 years on hub shell and axle, 3 years on pawls, drive ring, and driver body.


Project 321 hubset
Project 321 hubset