QuickStart Program

Whether you are working through your favorite bike shop or with us directly, the immutable truth is that when your wheels show up, you want to be able to ride them immediately. Now with our QuickStart Program, you can order your tires, cassette, and rotors (if they're disc brake) and we'll install them for you and get your wheels prepped for tubeless setup. 

When your wheels arrive, all you or your shop needs to do is put the sealant in that we supply, pump up the tires and double check your rear derailleur and you are off. 

That, my friends, is a QuickStart !


How to choose tire sizes -

There are two parts to tire size. First is the diameter. Look at your current tires and you should find: 29”, 27.5”, 26”, 700c, 650b, 650c. This is the diameter and must match the size of the wheels you are buying as well as the tire you are adding to the wheels.

The next part of the measurement is tire width and this is personal preference. If you like the size of your current tires, use the width that you see on the sidewall of that tire (2.25”, 2.35”, 28c, 35c etc.) or choose a new width. See our Identify your Tire for reference

Prefer tubes over tubeless? That's ok, instead of installing the provided sealant you can install your choice of tubes. It could be a tighter fit than on non-tubeless tires but it will still work well. Even if you are running your wheels tubeless, you should always carry a tube in case you get a puncture in your tire that is not able to be sealed with sealant.


How to choose cassette options -

Look at the current cassette on your wheels. Cassettes will be labeled by model name, the number of cogs and range of teeth on cogs. Example: Shimano Ultegra, 11 speed, 11-25T.

It is important that you get the same number of cogs (gears) as you have now unless you are also changing shifters at the same time. You can’t go from 10-speed to 11-speed just by changing the cassette – shifters need to be replaced too. See our Identify your Freehub/Cassette for reference.

Choose the number of teeth based on preference. The lower the number of teeth on the gears of the cassette equals a higher gear. So a cassette that is 11-23T will provide higher gearing (harder to pedal) than an 11-28T gear. The 11 speed 11-23T will also provide tighter spacing between gears (typically only 1T difference from gear to gear). This means when you shift, the changes are smaller which is great for maintaining consistent cadence. An 11-28T will have 1T – 3T jumps between gears.


How to choose the rotors -

It is important you get the same size rotor that is on your wheelset now. Look at your current rotor and you should see the size marked on it: 140mm, 160mm, 180mm etc. This is the diameter you need. If there is no marking, measure it.

Center Lock vs. 6-Bolt: This is the attachment method for attaching the rotor to the hub. 6-bolt uses six bolts. Center Lock uses a spline and lockring system. 


** Not sure which Tire, Cassette, and Rotor you need?  Place your order and add the QuickStart Program to it. We'll confirm compatibilities with you before it ships.  Just add a note when you check out that you'd like us to confirm it with you.