The Leviathan rim was designed as a road rim, when road was understood to mean “pavement,” and typical tires sizes were smaller. Cycling has since evolved to commonly include mixed-surface terrain for many applications. For this reason we’d like to upgrade all owners of Leviathan Tandem rims with Astral Wanderlust so as to future proof you and ensure your bike is prepared for the broadest range of riding.  

Astral Cycling has found that under certain conditions tandem's higher weights and the use of wider tires at high pressure can reduce the durability and potentially the lifespan of the Leviathan Tandem rims.

No other Astral models are affected. This applies only to Leviathan rims used on tandems.

All rims sold prior to June, 2020 are sold with tire size and pressure guide stickers installed which should be strictly adhered to. For rims sold before this time with the intention of use outside of standard road uses we offer an upgrade to the Outback. This upgrade will be free of charge including shipping to and from our Oregon production facility.

Please contact us at 888.308.7700 or levi-tandem@astralcycling.com to set up the return of your wheels to be rebuilt and to get a shipping label sent to you. If possible, please remove tires, cassette and rotors so there is less chance for shipping damage. Please box the wheels. If you do not have a box your local bicycle shop should be able to supply one for you. Please apply the shipping label and include the RA number on the box and drop off at a UPS shipping station or call for pick-up.

We know it is riding season and this is an unwanted hassle. We will turn the rebuilds around quickly.

Thanks for your patience

The Astral team