Same Awesome. New Owners.

 We’ve got news for you! Astral Cycling is officially under new ownership. That’s right - we are now owned by our good friends at White Industries. Father and son Doug and Alec White have taken the helm as current owner Brian Roddy moves on to new ventures.

Here’s the deal:

White Industries has been making high-end, USA-made bicycle components since 1978. They’re best known for the reliability of their hubs, headsets and cranksets all of which are machined in Petaluma (and really freakin’ sweet). Doug White, founder and innovator was an early supplier for Tom Ritchey and other heroes of the Bay Area’s mountain bike explosion in the 70’s and 80’s. He and his crew have been making badass and beautiful components ever since. Daily operations of the company are now run by Alec.

Alec’s been working with the family business since about the time he learned to tie his shoelaces and we’ve known him just as long. Since the inception of Astral Cycling, we have been collaborating with him and his team closely and frequently. He understands and values what we do and is here to help take it a step further.  He’ll have his hands full with three growing brands to run, but luckily our fearless leader Jimmy Krigbaum (aka the General Manager) will continue to run the show here in our Eugene, Oregon production facility.  

Like all of us, Jimmy is stoked. He says it’ll open the door for even greater collaborations and seems as how we’re all just a bunch of bike nerds that want to make rad stuff, the awesomeness will flow seamlessly. We’ll continue to focus on our development of rims and expertly made wheels and components, now with more brains and brawn behind it. Meanwhile White Industries will continue their legacy from their Petaluma, CA home base.  

Former owner Brian Roddy will remain on for the coming months to ensure things transition smoothly. While those that know Brian may find his departure a shock, he’s ready for a new challenge and will move on knowing he’s leaving his creations in good hands. Unlike selling to a corporate gorilla, White Industries is a similar size business as our own. They understand what we do, value our craftsmanship and the team behind it and wants to keep it all together.

Beyond Brian’s gradual departure, no personnel changes are planned at this time. We’ll continue doing what we do, building right here in Oregon, while White Industries keeps rocking in California.

We couldn’t be more excited to share the news of this next chapter. Come along for the ride – we’re just getting started!