Our Friends - The Cub House

Basic Stuff:

1. Tell me about your lives in cycling. Where’d you start, what side of the sport do you enter from, where has it taken you and how has it changed for you?

I was always into bikes as a kid thanks to my dad, he was a 90’s MTB turned white bar tape roadie guy. That led to spending a few years bike racing which I’m super grateful for but this fun side of bikes is even better. I met Sean T the Cub House big cheese close to 9 years ago, we went for a bike ride and I started working for him 1 day a week and here we are!

2. What led you to open a shop? What were the motives, or goals or background? 

 The original Cub House was supposed to be a 2 month pop-up in an abandoned building just for Team Dream and other small cycling brands. Of course instead it lasted two years before we finally had to move as the building was being torn down.  There were no more local bike shops left in our area and when we moved into our new spot which was an old gas station building. When we moved in we had so much more space and decided, why not do bikes and service too. What dummies, ha! The shop has been here over six years now and it continues to evolve, we even have our own bike brand making steel and aluminum frames called Beach Club as well as being the home Team Dream Bicycling Team.

3. Describe your approach or philosophy as a shop in 7 words or less.

              America’s Number One  Bike and Plant Store


4. Who are some of your primary influences?

We are definitely nerds about bike racing and old bike culture so those are huge direct influences. Skateboarding and skate culture are also a huge influence on the shop, we don't use POP or normal displays and we are super lucky to have Carla the other Cub House big cheese because she is so good at making the store look awesome.

5. What makes Cub House different than any other biz?

How diverse our customer base is something that is something we are really proud of. We build crazy custom dream bikes, work on neighborhood kids bikes, hang with dudes in skinsuits and cruise 26” basket bikes in shorts and a t- shirt. It's never dull! Plus we have Prickly Pals, our cactus shop. We are the retail home for Team Dream Bicycling team the clothing we make. And we started Beach Club, our bike brand. All from here. It can get a bit confusing but it's never dull!

Finish these:

1. The favorite bike I’ve had is…

Beach Club Discless Road, not a shameless plug at all. Classy lines, rim brakes, Columbus tubing. There is no better feeling!

2. My favorite project we’ve launched to date is…

Sean T’s book with Kodack on our trip to Italy in 2022 (especially for all the brownie points I will earn by saying that)

3. If I could only ride one bike the rest of my life it would be…

              See above Beach Club Discless Road!

4. Good bike shops are about…

Getting people excited about bikes and the joy they bring. Doesn’t matter what style.

5. Riding bikes is about…

Having a rad time!

6. The best bike rides start with…

Friends to ride with!

7. The best bike rides end with… 

Some kind of food!

8. We’ll keep doing this as long as…

We can pay the rent :)

9. Three of my core values are…

Community, Fun,