Our Friends: Corvid Cycles


    When I met Chad Corvid on “New Builder’s Row,” at the 2019 North American Handbuilt Bicycle Show (NAHBS), I knew I was encountering something special. He stood behind his beautifully crafted titanium frames – one of which would go on as a finalist at the show’s competition – in awe of all the attention. I knew immediately he was my sort of guy, oblivious to his own exceptional abilities. Just over a year later, he’s expanded drastically, but his humble, enthusiastic nonchalance is unchanged. 

When asked if he could explain the rapid rise of his brand, he replies without hesitation. “No!” he, laughs. “I have no idea.” But a quick look at the bikes below and review of his partnerships should make it clear why Chad is alone in his confusion. 


With an engineer’s training and bike-nerd’s heart, Chad’s frames offer a rare blend of precision, beauty and joy. His bikes are tools meant to be ridden. But like the torch in his hand, he knows those tools bring liberation and expression when used with heart. 

The love of the ride and an appreciation for “good people, having fun, and sharing the sport” fuel Chad and guide his business decisions. He suggests he’s “gotten lucky,” with the connections that he’s made. Collaboration with the likes of film maker Montanus, Joe Tonsager who makes custom JPaks for Corvid frames, and thorough coverage in Mountain Flyer magazine aren’t all luck.  

Take a look at his work here, and for more, check out Velo News’ spotlight of handbuilt frames destined for NAHBS 2020, before it was cancelled due to Covid-19.

There’s much up in the air for all of us right now, but Chad is positive and his outlook is bright. For now, Corvid’s build list is long and the torch is hot. Here at Astral, we consider ourselves lucky to be in on the fun. Doing good work with great people is what its all about.