Our Friends - Scarab Cycles

Basic Stuff:

Q) Tell me about your life in cycling. How’d it start, where’d it take you and what does it mean to you?

A) We have been riding bikes for more than a decade now. In Colombia cycling is just natural. It is this beautiful thing that happens everywhere! For me, Cycling is a great escape that allows me to connect with nature and meet people.

Q) What led you to build your first frame? When was it, and what type of frame?

A) It was back in 2018. It was a road bike with wide tires and disc brakes! The motivation was simple… I was seeking a bike that would feel amazing on the road. Something that didn't sacrifice performance and control. I have been obsessed with bike handling. There was also a big question… how should a bike look? Something timeless! Something with a lot more meaning.

Q) When and why did you decide to go into business as a custom framebuilder?

A) It all goes back to a big question. Why do different bikes have such differen personalities? Each bike is unique. Each handles, transfers power, and absorbs vibration in their own way and has its own look. And to add more complexity this all changes once someone jumps on top of it. The whole behavior and properties change. In the search of figuring out this, we understood each system, rider and bicycle was unique… this meant, each approach had to be unique (Custom).

Q) Describe your approach or philosophy of framebuilding in 7 words or less.

A) Amazing bikes inspired, built, and tested in Colombia.

Q) Who are some of your primary influences?

A) Colombian Cyclists also called (Escarabajos), Dario Pegoretti, Porsche, Leica.

Finish these:

1. The favorite bike I’ve build is… anything with Steel!

2. If I could only ride on bike the rest of my life it would be… an all road bike. The SCARAB Apuna

3. Custom bikes are about… you, the rider

4. Riding bikes is about… you, and what you like as a rider.

5. The best bike rides start with… some nervousness because you know It will be challenging.

6. The best bike rides end with… a big smile, salty cycling gear and a great story to share.

7. I’ll keep doing this as long as… I can

8. Three of my core values are… Quality, Honesty and creativity