Astral Sighting in CyclingAbout’s 6 New Bikepacking Bikes Buyer's Guide

Experts and beginners alike rejoice! 

No matter your level of comprehension about such details as chainstay length, mounting points, tire clearance, and gear ratios (to name a few), YouTube Expert CyclingAbout (also known as Renaissance Cyclist) does a great job breaking it down for you!

Side note: you MIGHT just recognize some of the wheels featured in the builds. We did!

This short video dives into 6 New Bikepacking Bikes he insists that we NEED to know about and for good reason. Like all other styles of riding, there is a dizzying amount of details that go into which bike you choose for your next expedition.

Fortunately there are people like Alee who have been making films about bike travel for 7-8 years and has cycled across Europe, Asia, Australia and South America with his next few years focusing on traveling through North America and Africa!